『Wearing Kimono for Fashionable and Beautiful』

"adenabito" is derived from the Japanese word "adeyaka" . It means glossy, beautiful, gorgeous, and elegant.
Our goal is to help you become a person with a radiant body and mind through the kimono.

At adenabito, we offer two types of services: "Dressing Classes" and "Dressing Services".

Kimono Dressing Class: Improve Yourself with Kimono 

Would you like to start a KIMONO dressing class?

We want you to enjoy wearing kimonos not only on special occasions in your life, but also in your daily life, just like taking out your everyday clothes from your closet. That is why we set up lessons according to your goals.

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Kimono, a traditional Japanese culture, is often thought to be difficult to learn, but we offer simple and easy-to-understand lessons in a homey atmosphere.
We offer face-to-face lessons and online lessons.

The lessons are tailored to your goals and can be booked at your convenience. We always put ourselves in the "learner's" shoes and focus on what would make you happy. Please come for a trial lesson. We are looking forward to seeing you!。

Kimono Dressing Service: Provides a beautiful and stress-free dressing experience.

We provide a beautiful kimono dressing service based on the skills of our nationally certified first-class kimono dressing technicians and the experience we have accumulated in the field.

We will dress you in a kimono that suits you based on your mood and the mood of your kimono and obi.

aFeatures of adenabito

1. Reservation and Payment online

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You can make a reservation at any time from the schedule on the website.

2. Kimono and Obi Free rental

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You can borrow kimonos and obis from the school. We can also give you advice on what to buy.

3. Video materials are available.

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Videos are provided to help you retain and review the lesson content.

4. Friendly teachers

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Do you have a scary image of a kimono dressing teacher? adenabito wants to be there for all kimono dressing girls. We want you to feel like a friend and have fun with us.

5. No hard sell.

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We will provide you with the necessary tools as needed. The lesson will be conducted while making use of your own tools. We also offer consultation on how to coordinate your kimono and obi.


First Class Dressing Technician (National Qualification)


Through kimono dressing, we offer the best time of "fun" and "refreshment" to those who come to adenabito. We will do our best to be there for you from the same perspective as our students.

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・National Qualification 1st Class Dressing Technician: All Japan Dressing Skills Center
・Kimono Consultant: All Japan Kimono Promotion Association / All Japan Kimono Consultant Association 


Featured in the women's fashion magazine "ClASSY.
Special feature on lessons February 2022 issue


Dressing for coming-of-age ceremony, Shichi-Go-San, graduation Hakama, wedding ceremony, visiting kimono, Tomesode, etc. (over 200 people)
Establishment of kimono clubs in companies
Conducting kimono events

2011 Operated for Japan-China Friendship Charity Tea Party
2014 Established "adenabito", a kimono dressing salon( Saitama Prefecture, Japan)
2020 Kimono dressing salon adenabito moves to Mie Prefecture,japan)2020 Started online kimono dressing lessons and Youtube (account name: adenabito)